ghosts at the fountain with two trolls
ghosts having breakfast & vs, the troll

dead of night by chiefo

trallalla with dog and cats by bella_luna

sale the sea by loal and the canines

people don’t disappear by loal and the canines

catnip in the moonlight by old, grey, belly

modesty and retrospect by old, grey, belly

We took a ride on the mountain side
only you and I
The light in your eyes shine
like the air the scent the sky
Oh Oh Oh Go slow, time
Oh Oh Oh Don’t vanish away
Lost in mind
Lost in my lines
Lost in mind
Lost in my lines

The ghosts in your eyes
Block the light from afar
I cannot see the star behind

I wanna float in time
Between the thoughts
Between the lines
Is there wind
in this secretive speed?
I don’t mind

I wanna get old so slow
Let the wrinkles grow
On my face On my heart
Behind my ears and my toes
Dull me up all my senses
Then I wouldn’t know

A chunk of time
A bunch of thoughts
A handful of sand
A gust of wind
A trace of smile
The weight of sounds

Track art by Christos Dikeakos, 2009